Friday, July 16, 2010

What would Mr. Bronson say?

I've just had the kids school reports. They're not nearly as good as the reports I had in school. What I mean by that, is they are so impersonal.
Ours used to be hand written, and the teacher would therefor bother to write something about you. Now, every report is typed, with blocks of phrases just cut and pasted between hundreds of kids.
I wrote a note back to the Headmaster this time round. Elionwy's report was the most impersonal cut and paste report I've seem. It said nothing about her at all. In fact, in the science section they'd even left another girls name in the pasting!

The cherry on the cake though was her PE comments. Elionwy needs to make more of an effort etc etc. She broke 3 school records this term!

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