Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What would Sigourney Weaver say?

After having just watched the whole Alien series again I was pleasantly surprised to find that in Alien 3, the only survivor from the Prison planet Fury was an inmate called....Morse!
Oh yeah. Well done Morsey. Not so good for Ripley :(

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What would Peter & Jane say?

I don't remember Janet & John, when I was a nipper growing up in the early 70's I had Peter & Jane. Peter throws the ball, Jane throws the ball. Peter catches the ball...you get the drift.

Anyway, I've been thinking about those days at Marshfield Junior School, a small rural school in a small village called Castleton, South Wales, because at work wev'e been taking about Parents evening and the progress our own kids are now making at reading.
And you know what, I remember something weird.
As I said, I started with Peter & Jane, but after that, there was no Horrid Henry or Harry potter for us (or me, as I have no idea what other kids were given to read) I was given novels! It's true. The next book I remember being given is The Legend of Beowulf & Grendel. And after that a strange story of a man who travelled to the world of cats (by H.P. Lovecraft I think).

I think the memory is accurate, even if it is quite old, because as I'm writing this I've just remembered some of the books my parents bought me for Christmas whilst I was at that school. Books like Alexander Dumas The Man in the Iron Mask, and The Black Arrow.

Times have certainly changed.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What would Humphrey Bogart say?

I just had the annual task of making the company Birthday Cards. This year I went for Silver Screen stars.
Oh yeah, in case you wondered, we make aerosol cans.