Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What would Charles Dexter Ward say?

When I was in Junior school I was taught to read with the use of Janet & John books, also there was a range of Peter & Jane books.

Peter has a ball
Jane has a ball
Peter and Jane have a ball

Not the most stimulating.
What is really weird though, is that after you had mastered this set of books you were then given books like The LegendOf Beowulf & grendel, and short stories by HP Lovecraft!
Hardly surprising that at about 9 years old after reading strange stories about a man visiting cities of cats and things like that I grew up liking the Cthulhu Mythos.

I've just bought the boardgame Arkham Horror and it's rekindled my interest.
I already have a framed certificate on my wall from Miskatonic University (what a GEEK!) and whilst looking for other things came across these 2 sites:

CTHULHU ARCHIVES This site has lots of interesting freebies to download and print off. Fonts, certificates, newspaper clippings. Have fun.

DAGONBYTES the complete works of Lovecraft in text format. I kid you not!

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