Thursday, September 29, 2011

What would Shakespeare say?

Ladies and gentlemen
Hobos and tramps
Cross-eyed mosquitoes
And bow-legged ants

Pull up a chair
And sit on the floor
And I'll tell you a story
I've never heard before

One bright day
In the dead of night
Two dead boys
Got up to fight

Back to back
They faced each other
Drew their swords
And shot each other

A deaf police man
Heard the noise
And came and killed
The two dead boys

If you don't believe
This lie is true
Ask the blind man...
He saw it too.

Friday, September 9, 2011

What would the Glass man say?

I recently found an old glass fronted cabinet at work. All the shelves were missing, but I thought it would look great to put my models in, and I could just buy some glass shelves cheaply.
So, I put the unit on the wall. Measure up for the shelves. They are 300mm x 160mm, so pretty small. i need 9 of them.
I rang the first local glass company, and maybe it's my fault for asking for 6mm glass with beveled edge, but the price was £216.  £216!!!! Are they insane!
The next company I went to I asked for normal glass. I did get a better price. £12 per shelf. That's £108!!! If I wanted the edges smoothed it would be considerably more.
I couldn't believe it.
In the end I went online and found this site:
I ordered 9 shelves, 5mm thick (which was probably a bit too thick) in clear acrylic.
Delivered for under £30.