Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What would John Logie Baird say?

I was watching Stargate last night on DVD when I get a knock at the door.
A man flashed me a very official looking 2 part card in a flashy wallet and said he was TV Licensing.
(I have never had TV, a License, I don't even have an aerial and have no intention of ever getting one.)
I continually get letters asking why I don't have a license, over the years they just go straight in the bin unopened. Occasionally I've had inspectors turn up wanting to view the property, in the past I have let them in to verify I am telling the truth...but no more.
I am so fed up of this badgering persistence to buy a product I don't want. How many other sales people come round your house, send letters monthly asking why you don't own there product? You don't have Microsoft coming round your house do you asking if they can come in to see if you have an XBox? or Black & Decker sending mail asking why you haven't bought an electric drill do you?
Let's be straight, TV Licensing is NOT a Govt. organisation, they pretend to be one, but they are in fact a branch of the BBC.
So, last night when he asked to come in I said NO!
He was a bit taken aback, wanted to verify what I was saying.
I confirmed I had a screen, that it wasn't for TV and that NO, I was not letting him in.
he left crestfallen.
They have no right to enter YOUR property without a court order, they cannot get a court order without proof of a misdemeanor, and if there vans are as good as they advertise they know there is no signal being watched from my house so don't have anything to go on.
I wonder if I can claim for harassment?

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  1. Very well written. It's important that people realise that TV Licensing have no legal rights to enter a person's property or demand information from them.
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