Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What would Neil Kinnock say?

Working in a Graphics dept. I get asked for lots of favours. Business cards/ letterheads/ posters/ photo retouching etc etc.

I have just been asked to produce a poster for a Labour Concillor showing (if he wins) that 'He Lives Here!', 'You Voted For Him!' sort of thing.

Thing is, the guy who asked me to do this is the father of the candidate, and I know him and his son a little, as you do when you've worked with someone for 10+ years.

Now on the one hand I wish the guy luck.
On the other hand it worries me that Labour are backing this guy, and that he could win and be representing a whole community.
Why does it worry me?
Because this guy has never done a day's work in his life. His dad has paid his way through life, and still does. How can a guy like that have any real handle on life and what it means to struggle in the real world?

I wonder how many more like that are out there?
I fear too many.

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