Friday, March 23, 2012

What would Freud say?

I do have some strange dreams.
The most bizarre I think was when I was having a dream in which I died. I woke up quite shocked, to find I had fallen asleep on the sofa watching TV next to my wife at my parents house. As I woke and started talking I gradually started to get the feeling something wasn't quite right. After a while I realised they weren't calling me by my proper name, and then I panicked big time as I realised something was seriously wrong with everything.
And then I woke up again, in my own bed at home, next to my wife who wondered what the matter was. My first question to her was asking her what my name was. Fortunately my wife decided not to try and be funny and make a name up and told me straight. I think I would have gone mad if she had made something up.

Anyway, this was just a preamble. The dream that has got me puzzled at the moment is one I had this week. I dreamt I went into the living room to find someone or something had moved all my stereo equipment on end so it was facing the window. As I puzzled over this I noticed my PS3 was also like it, and then slowly realised everything in the room had been turned to face the window.

What the eck is all that about!?

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