Friday, September 9, 2011

What would the Glass man say?

I recently found an old glass fronted cabinet at work. All the shelves were missing, but I thought it would look great to put my models in, and I could just buy some glass shelves cheaply.
So, I put the unit on the wall. Measure up for the shelves. They are 300mm x 160mm, so pretty small. i need 9 of them.
I rang the first local glass company, and maybe it's my fault for asking for 6mm glass with beveled edge, but the price was £216.  £216!!!! Are they insane!
The next company I went to I asked for normal glass. I did get a better price. £12 per shelf. That's £108!!! If I wanted the edges smoothed it would be considerably more.
I couldn't believe it.
In the end I went online and found this site:
I ordered 9 shelves, 5mm thick (which was probably a bit too thick) in clear acrylic.
Delivered for under £30.

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