Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What would Steve McQueen say?

Did anyone see the Antiques Roadshow where the lady brought in a Rolex?
It was fascinating. The lady who bought it in said it was her fathers. He had been a POW in Germany, originally captured in France and then marched through country after country until arriving in Germany.
The watch expert had never heard a story like the one the lady told. He knew the Germans confiscated (stole) most watches and jewellery, but what made the story so fascinating, was the watch was actually ordered and delivered whilst he was a prisoner!
Apparently Rolex would send watches from Switzerland to POW's. It was a huge moral booster for the POW's and Rolex just took it that the POW would pay when released.
The lady also said she was sure that when the great escape took place, 2 years after her father was captured, in a different camp, parts of the watches were converted to make compasses.
It was a very interesting story and one I'd never heard before.
The value of the bubble back Rolex was 2.5-3K but with the story and documentation that went with it he said a minimum value was 5K, though he knew she would never part with it.

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