Thursday, November 11, 2010

What would Danielle Rousseau say?

Did you enjoy the end of Lost?

I know it's not the most important issue in the world, it's just a TV show after all, but for those who invested the time and stuck with the show for 6 years, coming to the end has been a bit of a shock. Looking at the Polls, views seem to be evenly split between those who loved it and those who hated it.

Those who hated it seem to do so because of unanswered questions.
I was almost in that camp, but thanks to a few pointers I would now watch it all again (with a break first of a year or so).

Here are a couple of things that helped me not to be a hater of the last series:

1: Like a lot of people, I thought Series 6 was starting after the bomb had been detonated and the glimpses into the 'sideways flashbacks' meant that they had succeeded, the bomb had meant the plane never crashed and they were all living an alternate life. It was confusing how they could also be on the Island and how Desmond could act as a bridge between them...but hey, this is Lost.

Actually that was a huge trick of the last series. The bomb didn't work, it just transported them back to their own time. The plane not crashing onwards, that's them dead. They are on another 'Island' of limbo or something, stuck their until they are ready to 'move on' which is what Desmond is trying to accomplish. Also, I'll add here, I was surprised to see a lot of people thought it also meant that they had all died in the first series plane crash??? Um..NO!

2: I wanted to know who made the rules up and where it all began...surely there was a Top Dog somewhere organizing things? How could the "Bad Locke' not leave the Island when Jacob seemed to come and go as he pleased? Why did they make the statue/lighthouse/Island moving device etc when they didn't seem to be that advanced.

What helped me here was realizing that Lost is just a snapshot in history, albeit a big one, of the Island. Jacob is only 1 of 4 Protectors of the Island we will see in the series, there have been a lot more before Jacobs 'Mother' and will be a lot more after Hurley. How the first one came about...I don't know, maybe that's another story and not knowing doesn't seem such a big deal. Each Protector seemed to be able to make their own rules up, maybe something to do with the Island working through them a bit. This to me explained very neatly the Lighthouse etc, it was just made by an earlier Protector. 'Bad Locke' couldn't leave because it was one of Jacob's rules. You follow my drift here?

3: What was the significance of the 'numbers' they were such a big deal in the earlier series and meant nothing in the later ones?

Well, I missed this completely and had to look it up. Remember the names on the cave walls? They each had a number. The 6 Candidates were the 6 numbers that made up the Lottery number.

4: OK, lastly, what was Dharma and The Others all about. What on earth were they even doing their? How could Dharma even find the place and set up all those experiments seemingly unhindered by Smokey or Jacob?

My view on this is that Dharma were ultimately working for Smokey, which is why they never got harmed, and the Others had been drawn to the Island by Jacob, to help him protect it. All the Dharma experiments seemed to be to do with tapping into the 'magic' of the Island, which is what Smokey was interested in.
Was the final war between Dharma and The Others Jacob's doing? Don't know, and again, it doesn't seem that important.

What was the Island anyway?
No idea. It was just a place where a source of incredible power was situated..and power attracts.

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