Monday, October 11, 2010

What would Colonel Burton say?

How do you get Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour to work on Windows 7 64bit Home Premium?

Well, it took me ages on the weekend to suss it out, but I have a working solution. I tried all the posts about creating and changing ini files, but none of them worked.

This did:

First, you need an installed game. Not the one youv'e installed on Windows 7. If you have a back up copy from an older OS, that is perfect. If not, try downloading a free virtual machine (you will of course need the old OS to load on to it, like XP).

The point is, once you have the game installed correctly and working on an older OS, you can just copy the Programme file (EA Games folder) onto Windows 7, don't forget the Zero Hour folder from My Documents on the old OS too.

OK, so youv'e done that.
Now if you try and play on Windows 7, about 2 mins into the game everything blows up and you get the message Youv'e been defeated.
That's correct. Your one step away now from a working version.
All you need to do now is repair the game using Disc 1 of Zero Hour in Windows 7. It will repair the version youv'e copied.
Now everything will work correctly.

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