Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What would David Attenborough say?

Recently as a family we went to Bristol Zoo.
It was a lovely sunny day. We drove their following the zoo signs, which is a small elephant with the word zoo written on it.

I was actually quite excited to see some big wild animals and took my camera for some opportunities.

We walked once round the zoo and I started to feel disappointed.
Where were the:

They didn't have any! They did have Lions, but let's face it, they are so boring. they sleep all the time and paying a lot of money to see a sleeping lions foot is not a bargain!
And what about the insect house? Next to the big animals, that didn't happen, my fave part of a zoo is seeing the bugs, spiders and scorpions etc. Well, bristol Zoo does have a bug house, but it is kept in very dim lighting. So dim I could hardly see a thing.
A very disappointing visit.

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